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First and foremost it is Dextra’s intention to build strong client relationships based on confidence and trust, which can only be achieved when clients understand exactly what services they are contracting and the fees payable.

To ensure complete satisfaction, Dextra Legal offers clients tailor made services and fee schedules suited to individual circumstances, either on a monthly retainer package, fixed fee or individual project basis.

Monthly retainer:
Clients pay a set monthly fee, either at a rate which will cover all legal requirements or a package covering specified aspects. This method ensures that the payments remain stable whether we have a regular month or periods of frenetic activity.

Litigation retainer:
Similar to the monthly retainer, we charge a fixed monthly fee based on the work needed to prepare for litigation, but not including work undertaken during the hearing.

Hearing fees:
As most cases are settled before they reach court, this method means that you don’t pay for costly preparations which may not be needed.

Fixed fees:
We can quote for specific projects, where we agree a fixed fee regardless of the amount of work involved.

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