Meet the team

The company was established by senior partner Juan Carlos Carrasco, a highly respected lawyer with many years’ experience of practicing law in Madrid prior to Dextra Legal’s expansion into Southern Spain.

Dextra Legal’s highly proficient multilingual partners and associates provide commercial, property and individual client expertise to a wide range of national and international clients, in fluent Russian, English and Spanish.

Partners and associates

Juan Carlos Carrasco García 
Abogado/ Socio 

Víctor Serrano Suárez 
Lawyer/Executive Director

Naomi Webb 

Guadalupe Luque López 
Secretaria Ejecutiva/ Executive Secretary

José Carlos Vega

Tamara Rodríguez Reyes
Departamento comercial

Amanda Ortega Navarro
Lawyer/ Attorney

Jose Antonio Marín Quero 
Director contable/Financial Director

David Parra García 
Desarrollo de Negocio/ Business Developer

Juan Carlos Benítez González
Desarrollo de Negocio/Business Developer

Yolanda Martínez Moreno 
Oficial Judicial/Court Officer

Yulia Kasatkina
Executive Secretary / Cекретарь - Pеферент

Deborah Croce
Departamento comercial

Eusebio Marín Quero
Departamento Contable


Dextra Legal MARBELLA

Av. Ricardo Soriano nº 20
Edif. RS20, Local 24
29601 Marbella


Av. Santa Amalia nº 28 local 1
29640 Fuengirola

Dextra Legal MADRID

C/Velázquez, 2Ext. D, 43
28006 Madrid

t: +34 952 46 90 38
t: +34 952 86 63 08
f: +34 952 66 59 96

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